The University of Tasmania is conducting a research project called What’s your Beat? The project is aiming to raise awareness and screen for Atrial Fibrillation (AF) in Tasmanians aged 65 years and older.

AF is the most common cardiac rhythm abnormality and a leading cause of stroke. AF in the elderly tends to have no symptoms and is often undiagnosed by the time stroke occurs.

This project will raise public awareness of AF and improve its detection rate at community events taking place across Tasmania in 2018-19. AF is the most common cardiac arrhythmia and is a major modifiable risk factor for stroke. It is associated with a five times increased risk of stroke and is responsible for up to 25% of strokes in older adults. Approximately 250 strokes a year in Tasmania are due to AF, and about 60 of those are with undiagnosed AF.

Every participant who is screened will be provided with educational information on AF. If the presence of AF is suspected, the project team will ensure they understand it is not a definitive diagnosis and that they should make an appointment to see their GP for review.

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Mr. Ibrahim Jatau Abubakar via e-mail or telephone ( or 6226 2621).

This study is being conducted by the School of Medicine at the University of Tasmania and funded by the Tasmanian Community Fund